DVD Series: Follow the Leader

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Sermon Series on DVD


The Great Commission is Jesus' command to take the Gospel to every person, throughout the world, and make disciples in all nations. To the layperson, that can sound like an overwhelming task. God never asked us to be all things to all people. That's His job. His assignment for us is simple: follow Jesus, and lead others to follow Him.

In the series "Follow The Leader", Dr. James Merritt explains that leading others to follow Christ is not just accomplished from the pulpit. It's taking place every day, in every venue, one relationship at a time. Whether you spend your days leading an organization, raising children, or sitting in a classroom, you have the ultimate opportunity to share the greatest gift to those within your sphere of influence will ever encounter.

Learn to attract others to Jesus by following the Leader!

The 4 messages in this series include:

  1. MVP
  2. Simple Connection
  3. Towel Off
  4. A Person Of Influence

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