DVD Series: Going Viral

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Sermon Series on DVD


We live in a world where information can be shared in the blink of an eye, with no geographic boundaries. We've all experienced the speed at which today's technology can spread information. Whether we search for the latest news, post an update on the day, or share a photo, taking advantage of the internet and social media has become an everyday occurrence for most of us.

But did you know that countless individuals are utilizing these powerful communication tools to share Bible verses with close family, friends and even the masses? In the series Going Viral, James Merritt presents the four most shared scriptures and unpacks the importance of the key verses. Discover the topics most commonly addressed and the power-packed Bible verses that encouraging people around the world.

The 4 Messages in this series include:

  1. Need To Succeed
  2. Don't Tempt Me
  3. To Those Who Wait
  4. Totally Satisfied

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