DVD Series: Say Yes

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Sermon Series on DVD


When a child begins to communicate verbally, more often than not, one of his or her very first words is "no". The same can be said for many believers who are very young in their faith, when it comes to saying no to God's directions. 

As a child grows into maturity, the understanding that wisdom can likely be found in the directives of parents and others in authority -- so is it with a believer who becomes mature in faith. God can always be trusted! We can trust what He says in His Word and what He speaks to our hearts as we spend time with Him in prayer, praise, or meditating His Word.

In the series SAY YES, James Merritt teaches that saying yes to God is a win-win decision that will not only impact the one who said it, but the overall Kingdom plan of God. Become a "yes man" for God today!

The 3 messages in this series include: 

  1. Help Wanted
  2. Change the World
  3. Rock the World

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