DVD Series: I Do Math

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Sermon Series on DVD


If marriage is based only on that warm, fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach when your head-over-heels in love with someone, every person would end up divorced. Why? Because it's unrealistic to think that feelings can sustain a great marriage.

That's why marriage vows include phrases about staying together when times are hard - when that warm, fuzzy feeling is tucked away somewhere the disappointment you feel when your spouse forgets to take out the trash - again, or doesn't jump up to refill your glass because there is a diaper that needs to be changed.

Yes, there are wonderful feelings that are a part of a great marriage, but they don't make a marriage. Marriage is a commitment, and love is a verb. In the series, "I Do" Math, Dr. Merritt shares the biblical truth about marriage, divorce, and re-marriage. Discover the love and grace available from the One Who designed marriage.

The 3 messages in this series include:

  1. Marriage: Can Two Become One?
  2. Divorce: Can One Become Two?
  3. Love: Can Two Stay One?

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