DVD Series: The Knot

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Sermon Series on DVD


Isn't it interesting that most couples spend far more time planning their wedding than they do their marriage? Women dream of their wedding day, the dress they will wear, and the handsome prince that will meet them at the altar. Men look forward to a passionate honeymoon on some exotic, adventure-filled island. But somehow, additional planning doesn't quite seem necessary for the months and years after saying, "I do".

All too often, couples find themselves in uncharted territory of marital discord, with no idea how to find their way back to the place they once enjoyed- where they could hardly stand to be apart from each other. In the series The Knot, Dr. Merritt digs deep into the word of God and uncovers the secrets to a long, happy, love-filled marriage between the man and woman that God has brought together. Discover the keys to being the kind of mate that God declares you can be!

The 4 messages in this series include:

  1. Bound
  2. Frayed: Part 1
  3. Frayed: Part 2
  4. Tied

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