DVD Series: On the Fringe

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Sermon Series on DVD


There is a common misconception about Jesus. So many people who have yet to surrender their lives to Him - and even those who have stumbled and fallen away from their faith find themselves in a place where they think they have to "clean up their act" before falling at the Savior's feet. The problem with this theory is that they think they can overcome their sin all by themselves. That's not the way it works. No matter how much of a messed up, broken failure you are at this very moment, Jesus wants to help you turn it all around. He wants you to come to Him just as you are... right in the middle of your mess, and show you His great mercy, and grace.

In the series On The Fringe, Dr. Merritt unpacks six stories of how Jesus purposed to seek out those who needed Him most. No matter how far our on the fringe you find yourself, you are not a lost cause. Turn to the One who longs to turn your failure into victory!

The 6 messages in this series include:

  1. The Failure
  2. The Messed Up
  3. The Broken
  4. The Desperate
  5. The Reject
  6. The Loser

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