DVD Series: Free at Last (Galatians Study)

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In this series, we are going to take a deep dive into the book of Galatians, a letter written by Paul to the Christians in Galatia. More than any other person, Paul shifted the focus of Christianity from the proclamation of Jesus to the proclamation about Jesus. He single-handedly transformed Christianity from an exclusively Jewish faith to a faith that included both Jews and Gentiles. He made Christianity open to everyone, everywhere, at every time. As we begin to study the book of Galatians, we will see that the theme of this book is “Free at Last!” Paul began his ministry to churches emphasizing the freedom Jesus Christ brings from sin, from the fear of death, and from trying to be good enough for God. No other book in the Bible explains why Christianity is completely, uniquely, and absolutely different from every other religious faith. Jesus offers freedom that no one else can, and that’s the freedom Paul explains in Galatians.

Messages Include:

  1. There is Only One
  2. The Only Way to Live
  3. Start Strong, Finish Well
  4. Losing Your Religion
  5. The Only Thing That Counts
  6. Tender Loving Care
  7. Don't Waste Your Life
  8. Front and Center

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