CD Series: Reel Grace

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Sermon Series on CD


If you want to know what salvation in Christ really is... the "grace of God" that is often spoken about in churches, then there's no better place to find the answer than the book of Romans. Through the first eight chapters the Apostle Paul unfolds the plotline... man's great sin and the complete and utter separation from God that it has caused. But then, just when all seems lost... well, we won't give away the ending.

Join Pastor Merritt for this hope-filled series entitled "Reel Grace", which will show you how the grace of God can become real in your own life. Illustrations from the movies will bring this series into today's language.

The 7 messages in this series include:

  1. Bad Deal
  2. Best Deal
  3. Born Losers
  4. Rise Up!
  5. Lay Down the Law
  6. Family Privilege
  7. Too Big to Fail

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